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About Trend Tots

Trend Tots Boutique Childcare began with the vision of a passionate mum that knows the value and importance of treating each child as an individual. She believed in providing a focused approach to blending home life for young children and home based childcare, in a way that meant the child always felt special.

This mum was also a fully qualified child centre manager and had years of experience looking after so many children. She now personally handpicks the home based educators, the homes and assists with planning the daily activities for each home and child, based on the years of experience she has.

Children each have their own personalities and favourite ways to learn. Ensuring each child has the opportunity to grow and learn is paramount along with a safe and caring environment.

Knowing a passionate fully trained person who is a mother themselves is leading the team is something that all parents value when choosing Trend Tots as the right childcare location for their precious child.


About Trend Tots Children

Our Mission

Our Mission at Trend Tots is to provide
Inspirational and Safe “Boutique Childcare”
in a Relaxed, Focused, Trusting and Balanced Environment
TrendTots Pillars2
Children Activities

Our Vision

Our Vision is to have Children and Parents telling so many friends and family of the benefits of the Natural and Safe environments at Trend Tots Boutique Childcare.
Where Children encompass the values of Education, Fun, Wellbeing, Whanau and Culture. Where these values are embraced into daily rewarding activities.
“Let’s Build a Healthy World”
Enhancing our children’s growth from an early age.
A place where the Children and Parents feel we listen, act and achieve results.
We spend time together with children as they learn the important stepping stones of life.
Trend Tots Boutique Childcare making a positive difference.

Trend Tots ChildCare @ HOME

Boutique Approach

Children have so much to take-in during the first 5 years.
For our children’s brains to grow in a healthy and appropriate way, children need to have, positive and trusting relationships with those in charge of their care.

Love and attention, plus consistency, all directly contribute to healthy brain development.
Our home based “Boutique” Child Care caters for this. No more than 4 children in any one location.

The wide range of learning activities we encourage, plus the warmth and care that our team members provide, enables your child to positively grow and develop in a fun interactive way.

Our focus is, when the time comes, your child will be ‘online’ and ready for their next step of learning as they start their formal school journey.
Our core values are Education, Fun, Wellbeing, Whānau and Culture.
Our approach is to enrich those formative years, while providing a stable base.
Trend Tots “Boutique” Childcare in a home environment.


Brain Development in Children

Why Choose Us

Parents and Caregivers know when they drop off or pick up their precious child that they have chosen the right place. Your child’s happiness will tell you that have chosen the right place. That simple – That’s us.

Questions and Answers

Field trips are very well organised and adds an exciting variation to time at Trend Tots. Children learn to express themselves when telling parents about what they have done and learnt.

Writing is about the motor skills as well as understanding straight lines and curves. While reading is about pointing to the word, often relating the word to a picture and of course sounds. The little brains are constantly developing. This evolves into our well designed and delivered Transition to School programme.

So many individual achievements in a week at Trend Tots, these are discussed daily at pick up and drop off time. Also key points are available for parents “on line” via the parent reporting process.

What is a scientific opportunity? Simple learning is a way of explaining this. Consider what happens when water and sand mix or two colour paints mix. We explain all these important things as that is so important.

What is easy for one child may be harder for their friend at Trend Tots. With a maximum of four children in one home and a focused educator, this allows for each child’s learning speed to be tailored for them. Our little ones are individuals not all the same. We know that.

Activity Hours Per Year

Art Activity 68Hours
Outdoor Activity 75Hours
Drawing Activity 48Hours
Writing Activity 89Hours
Music Activity 15Hours
Maori arts