Our Philosophy for Trend Tots

This is how we uniquely define the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.


“Each child is unique and the protagonist of his or her own growth. Children desire to acquire knowledge, have much capacity for curiosity and amazement, and yearn to create relationships with others and communicate.”
— Loris Malaguzzi


Children Activities
Loris Malaguzzi

We view a child as a unique individual who has his/her own personality,

identity and interest. It’s their right to learn and develop irrespective

of their gender, ethnicity and background.


We acknowledge that children learn individually or by collaborating with

peers and adults through active exploration. This view is influenced by

Vygosky’s socio constructivism. Its our duty to provide an environment

rich in possibilities and provocations to further their interest and empower

them to learn and share their knowledge with others.

Natural Learning

We consider children as natural learners, in which the children will lead the way through following their interest. We believe in emergent curriculum in which planning and developing children according to their interest. Educators role is as expressed by Elizabeth Jones, ‘we are the stage directors’.

We believe ‘teacher as researchers’ and consider that teaching and learning are an ongoing process and we need to keep upgrading Educators professional knowledge. We believe that an educator role is a co learner along with children. They will act as experts in many cases.

We give importance to the partnership between children, educators and whānau which brings the best learning outcome by identifying and understanding identity, culture and the interests of a child, which is supplementary to the professional knowledge.

Our Cultures

We respect multiculturism and biculturism which is part of Aotearoa. As an Education Provider we will assure that there will be opportunities to all children to learn and respect all the cultures and languages.

Active Children